Title: Using 2020 Dentrix Metrics to Grow in 2021

Duration: 60 minutes

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The Practice Advisor Report within Dentrix is a helpful tool to see how your practice is doing high level, but in 2021 it is more essential than ever for the dental practice owner to be familiar with the drill-down reports that can give additional insight into the financial health of their practice. With significant staff turnover or new staff members it can be difficult because the dentist may not know which reports to run, how to run them correctly, or what to do with the data.

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During this free webinar, Jeri Sorenson-Amato and Dr. Maria Ashley, Practice Development Specialist, will help you, the dentist/owner, be familiar with the essential reports that you should be running on a daily and weekly basis to improve your practice.

Key Learnings:

  • What essential reports should you be looking at to review your 2020
  • Why it’s essential for the Dentist/Owner to know how to run those reports for themselves
  • How to run those reports with the correct parameters
  • How to interpret the data from the reports and make goals in 2021
  • How to use the to the data to improved 2021 outcomes

If you’re responsible for improving the profitability of your practice and want to learn how to more effectively use the reports found within Dentrix, watch this FREE webinar that will help you maximize your patient care as well as your profits.

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Jeri Sorenson-Amato is a Henry Schein Practice Solutions Representative. She has over 30 years of experience working in the dental industry, including being a dental assistant, continuing care coordinator, business administrator, software trainer and practice management consultant. She has a passion for Dentrix and its ability to help offices increase their efficiency, be as paperless as they want to be and grow their business by utilizing the intuitive analysis tools within the software. She has accumulated a wealth of industry and product specific knowledge over the years and brings that experience to her presentations.

Dr. Maria Ashley is an experienced professional with many dedicated years to the service of the dental needs of the community and industry. Her knowledge and experience bring vast expertise to every aspect of private dental care practice, including clinical care and appointment strategy, business systems growth for profitability and team and practice management.

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