Title: Improving Collections and Billing in Your Dental Practice

Duration: 60 minutes

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Free Webinar: Improving Collections and Billing in Your Dental Practice

Proven techniques to get money off your books and into the bank

This webinar is part of a series of webinars to help you improve every aspect of your practice. A perfect patient journey helps ensure contented and returning patients, visit after visit. The journey is a cycle consisting of sixteen steps that begin before the patient enters your practice and beyond the appointment to re-care and referrals.

Your office’s seamless digital workflow ensures an ideal, hassle-free journey for the patient. This webinar addresses Collections and Billing, the fourteenth step in the patient journey. One of the many challenges a dental practice faces today is collections. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from Lois Banta, a practice management consultant with more than 30 years in dentistry.

During this free, one hour webinar, you will learn about the following critical components of collections and billing in the dental office.

  • Just ask for payment
  • Make a plan
  • Inform before you perform
  • Always follow through
  • How to collect more

Don’t miss this limited opportunity to understand the key factors that will help you to improve collections and billing as part of the perfect patient journey.

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