Title: Navigating Office Change: Remaining Profitable in the Ever-Changing Office Landscape

Duration: 60 Minutes

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The modern dental office is always experiencing some form of turnover or change. Whether it is a dentist transitioning in or out of your office or staff turnover. Your practice’s profitability will always be one of your main priorities. Join us for a FREE webinar, as our Dentrix Practice Development Specialists Jeri Sorenson-Amato and Dr. Maria Ashley show you how you can navigate any office transformation while continuing to be a profitable and efficient dental office.

In this webinar, you will learn how to interpret key performance indicators (KPIs) from your Dentrix Practice Advisor Report including:

  • Identifying a healthy ratio of dentist to hygienist patient care
  • Recognizing the ideal production-to-collection ratio in your practice
  • Increasing your active patient base and improving patient retention
  • Establishing practice benchmarks that will help you continue to offer outstanding patient care while managing a thriving, profitable practice.

Don’t want to wait until February 16, 2022, to learn how your office can maintain profitability during office turnover? Sign up for a FREE Practice Assessment and start working with a Dentrix Practice Development Specialist now!


Jeri Sorenson-Amato is a Henry Schein One Practice Development Specialist. She has over 30 years of knowledge and work experience in the dental profession, including: dental assistant to office manager, software trainer and practice management consultant.


Dr. Maria Ashley is an experienced dental professional with knowledge and experience in every aspect of private dental care practice, including clinical care and appointment strategy, profitability and practice management.

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