Title: Practice Advisor Assessment Introduction

Duration: 60 minutes

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Join us for a Dentrix Practice Advisor Assessment

It is more important than ever to look at your reports in Dentrix and check the financial health of your practice. Jeri Sorenson-Amato, a Henry Schein One Practice Development Specialist, will be hosting a free Dentrix Practice Advisor assessment to help your practice bounce back. During this assessment, you will learn how to interpret key performance indicators (KPIs) from your Dentrix Practice Advisor report including:

  • Identifying a healthy ratio of dentist to hygienist patient care
  • Recognizing the ideal production-to-collection ratio in your practice
  • Increasing your active patient base and improving patient retention
  • Establishing practice benchmarks that will help you continue to offer outstanding patient care while managing a thriving, profitable practice

Before attending this webinar, you will need to have a printed copy of your Dentrix Practice Advisor Report with you. Your practice must be on Dentrix G4.8 or higher to access the Practice Advisor report and to participate in this free assessment program.

Watch this webinar NOW to maximize the benefits of Dentrix in your practice!


Jeri Sorenson-Amato is a Henry Schein Practice Solutions Representative. She has over 30 years of experience working in the dental industry, including being a dental assistant, continuing care coordinator, business administrator, software trainer and practice management consultant. She has a passion for Dentrix and its ability to help offices increase their efficiency, be as paperless as they want to be and grow their business by utilizing the intuitive analysis tools within the software. She has accumulated a wealth of industry and product specific knowledge over the years and brings that experience to her presentations.
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