Bundle and Save with Dentrix Suites

It’s no secret that consumers like to bundle products or services as a way to save money. We see it with fast food, cable TV and even more recently, with healthcare payments. Our Dentrix customers are no different. Many of you have been asking for bundled eServices as a way to simplify the purchase decision, save money and consolidate billing.

That request has been answered with the new Dentrix Suites. The Dentrix Suites bundle eServices with the Dentrix Customer Service Plan in tiers. These tiers align with the typical pattern of eServices adoption we see from our customers as they move along the path to become a digital dental office.

The Dentrix Suites are designed to lower your costs and give you the practice management system you need to streamline workflow, deliver quality patient care and boost your bottom line. No matter what the needs of your practice are, we have a Dentrix Suite that’s right for you and can help strengthen your performance and profits.

Dentrix Essentials Suite

With the release of the Dentrix Suites, we renamed our basic customer service plan to create the Essentials Suite. We feel this is appropriate because of the essential nature of this plan in forming a foundation for technological advancement in your practice. This suite provides you with the tools to protect your Dentrix investment with regular upgrades and the resources to use the product to its fullest. Most Dentrix offices already have this suite if they have a current customer service plan.

Dentrix Momentum Suite

In addition to the features included in the Essentials Suite, the next suite, Momentum, provides your office with the tools to accelerate collections from both insurance carriers and patients. This bundle includes unlimited digital insurance claim attachments, insurance eligibility verification and advanced claim tracking, along with a 10% discount on electronic claims. Together, these services speed up claim reimbursement and reduce slow or rejected claims.

The patient billing tools in the Momentum Suite include advanced credit card processing (and debit card processing if you purchase a separate pin-pad terminal) and a 10% discount on billing statement mailing. The advanced credit card processing allows you to process payments or collect consents for after-insurance payments or recurring payments while the patient is still in the office.

Dentrix Optimum Suite

The third tier is the Optimum Suite. It offers everything in the Momentum Suite plus the tools you need to effectively engage your patients. The end result is fewer manual processes, fewer missed appointments and an improved practice image. Its features include automated reminders for scheduled appointments and recare; an online patient portal where patients can check balances, make payments and update forms; and kiosk software that allows patients to complete or update forms electronically. Additionally, with this suite, a 20% discount applies to electronic claims, billing statement printing and postcard printing.

While the Momentum Suite provides an additional bundling discount over the Essentials Suite, the Optimum bundle provides the greatest value. Customers who subscribe to the Optimum Suite receive the full breadth of the Dentrix eServices offering.

The Dentrix Suites combine traditional customer service plans with the latest Dentrix eServices. The suites contain the products and services you need to build and maintain the kind of digital practice that will boost profits, enhance patient care and set your practice apart from the crowd. Learn more about the Dentrix Suites and choose the suite that’s right for you by visiting www.Dentrix.com/suites or by calling 800-734-5561, option 2.

*Discounts are offered for annual payment of your Dentrix Suites. Prices are subject to change.

Author: Damon Graves, eServices Product Marketing Manager
Published: 01/31/2015
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