Profitability Coaching with Dr. Marc Wallach

The Dentrix Profitability Coaching Program is having a positive impact on Dentrix customers. Not only are new practices greatly benefiting from this program but also are our power users who have been on Dentrix for many, many years. Recently Tammy McHood, Practice Diagnostics Product Manager for Henry Schein Practice Solutions, interviewed Dr. Marc Wallach, owner of Wallach Dental in St. Louis, Missouri. Dr. Wallach has a single provider practice and has been practicing dentistry for 30 years. He's been using Dentrix for 12 years.

Tammy: What were you experiencing in your practice that made you decide to sign up for the coaching program?

Dr. Wallach: Although our practice was strong, the recession was causing patients to be more careful and deliberate in their decisions. We wanted to be proactive. I think we had forgotten how long it had been since we had had any formal training. When we came to the realization that it had been years, we were eager to refresh ourselves.

Tammy: What aspects of the coaching program have helped your practice the most?

Dr. Wallach: It has to be Dentrix’s reports. Either we didn’t know certain reports existed or we didn’t fully understand the reports we were generating. A good example is the continuing care report. Our new and better understanding of our continuing care types has improved our awareness of our patients’ periodontal needs.

Tammy: What kind of impact has the coaching program had on your practice?

Dr. Wallach: The greatest immediate impact is that the coaching program fosters conversations about your office and how you operate. These conversations almost always lead to discovery of problems, as well as how best to solve them.

Tammy: Would you recommend this coaching program to other dental practices? If yes, please describe why.

Dr. Wallach: Definitely. It is so easy to live with the status quo. Taking the time to let an impartial third party examine how you do things almost always leads to good results. The coaching also allows you to compare your office to others. Our coach had been exposed to many offices, so he was a great source to let us know where we stood.

Tammy: What would you say to practices who are struggling and cutting back expenses and might be reluctant to invest in the coaching program?  

Dr. Wallach: During a tough economy, I think all of us need to be aware of our bottom line and see if there are any areas we can cut back. But I also think that we shouldn’t be too short-sighted. If someone can give some insight into how to be more productive and efficient in the long run, then spending some money today is well worth it. Dentrix has all sorts of features that will allow your practice to operate on a higher level, especially in their eCentral module. If the coaching session were to point out just a few of those features, it would be money well spent.

Tammy: What kind of changes have you made to your practice as a result of your coaching program?

Dr. Wallach: I think the two most significant areas have been in continuing care and estimation of the patients’ copays. We are doing a better job of tracking our patient’s dental needs with continuing care. It is a win-win situation: Our patients are getting better care and we are generating more treatment. Our coach also showed us how to better post payments from insurance companies. This has led to more accurate estimates of our patients' copays.

Tammy: How easy was it to fit the coaching program into your already-busy schedule?

Dr. Wallach: Scheduling was not a problem. Our coach was very accommodating. We scheduled during our lunch hour. We treated it as a lunch-and-learn.

Tammy: The price of the coaching program is $675. In your opinion, what kind of return on investment do you feel the coaching program provides?

Dr. Wallach: In my opinion, I thought the $675 was a bargain. We got 10 hours of personalized instruction. It was well worth it! Sometimes we waste a lot of time trying to reinvent the wheel. We are going to realize a great return for many years.

Author: Tammy McHood
Published: 07/20/2010
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