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Take the fast lane to higher productivity and profits for your dental practice.

Transform your dental practice with coaching!

Hear what others are saying about Dentrix Profitability Coaching and how it can help your practice become more profitable and efficient.

Video Testimonials

The Sixth Man On My Team

Carla Sullivan, long time Dentrix user shares the value of Dentrix Profitability Coaching in her practice
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A Tremendous Value

Katie Kerschen, Owner at Albuquerque Advanced Dental Care shares her experience working with a Dentrix Profitability Coach.
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The Power of the Numbers

Dr. Robert Kerschen, Dentist and Owner at Albuquerque Advanced Dental Care shares his experience working with a Dentrix Profitability Coach.
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Case Studies

Profitability Coaching Success Story

After 17 years in practice, Dr. Ross found new ways to fill his schedule, increase productivity and boost team confidence with Dentrix Profitability Coaching.
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Bella Smile Cosmetic Dentistry

Thanks to the help of Dentrix Profitability Coaching, Bella Smile Cosmetic Dentistry more than doubled their active patients in one year.
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"[Our coach] was awesome! She gave me great tips and tricks to help me elevate my practice and be able to keep track of it with reports. I will very likely be setting up some more time with her [this year]... I would recommend [Profitability Coaching] to anyone needing detailed help growing their practice in Dentrix."

—Christie Hodge, Office Manager, Cheyene Mountain Dental Group, Colorado Springs, CO

"[Our coach] is absolutely PHENOMENAL! She makes learning Dentrix fun. She is an active listener that hears what our practice needs and then formulates a plan to transfer all the knowledge in her brain to me…There was not one single month where I did not learn something new."

—Tamara Whitley, Co-Owner, Whitley Family Dental, Dallas, TX

"[My coach] was able to teach me how to produce reports, save time doing things an easier or faster way but most of all learn the system we have."

—Brittany Johnson, Practice Administrator, Bella Smile Cosmetic Dentistry, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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