Introducing Dentrix G4 Productivity Pack 8

Available now, Dentrix G4 Productivity Pack 8 introduces time-saving new features as well as exciting changes that make current features easier to use than ever.

The addition of the Daily Huddle report makes your practice’s real-life daily huddles more efficient and gives team members the information they need to prepare for the day, organize daily activities, draw attention to the needs of specific patients and appointments for the day, give better patient care and measure their own performance against long-term performance goals and metrics.

The highly customizable Daily Huddle report lists the day’s scheduled patients and specific patient details that you can customize from a total of 25 flaggable items. The optional flags can alert staff about patients with specific Medical Alerts to be aware of, patients who haven’t confirmed their appointments, draw attention to which the appointments that have associated lab work or notes, patients with out-of-date consent forms and much more. Daily Huddle also updates the team on your progress toward production goals and collections.

Another handy new feature in Productivity Pack 8 is the Dentrix Letter Merge Add-in for Microsoft Office Word 2007 and 2010 and 2007. Ideal for practices that manage their own patient mailings, the add-in lets you easily create and modify forms custom letter merge documents and select Dentrix fields to populate the form fields, all from inside Word. Even better, the Productivity Pack automatically includes the add-in during installation if you have the right version of Microsoft Office version Word.

Enhancements to the Questionnaires module now lets staff members make designate any field in the form as a required field. Patients will not be able to electronically submit the form unless all the required fields are filled in, ensuring that you always get the information you need. You can also give your questionnaires an expiration date to prompt staff to have patients review and update them information after a set amount of time.

The new Dentrix Launcher comes with a simple graphical interface that helps new or temporary staff members quickly locate and access the features and modules they’re looking for. The intuitive interface shows a typical dental front office and operatory. As users mouse over different parts of the screen, active areas light up to indicate various features and modules that are accessible with a click, helping new employees eliminate beginner mistakes and become more productive in less time.

A new Pinboard feature gives users the ability to put multiple Pinboard appointments back into their original slots with one click. This saves time and effort, freeing up staff to spend time on patients—not files.

Productivity Pack 8 also makes refilling prescriptions as simple as finding the original and clicking Refill.

Electronically ordering and tracking labwork is now much simpler, thanks to easy access to DDX in the Appointment Book, Chart and Treatment Planner toolbars. With more ways to connect to DDX, clinicians can enter lab prescriptions and check their status with minimal disruption to patient interactions and workflow.

In addition to the new features and improvements in Productivity Pack 8, we’re also introducing DentaLink for instant messaging within the dental practice. Available at no extra charge with a Customer Service Plan, DentaLink lets you communicate instantly throughout the office with single-click access to pre-written messages.

Learn more about the exciting new features in Dentrix G4 Productivity Pack 8 in the Release Guide and Product Tour, available now in the Dentrix Resource Center.

Author: Jay Wood
Published: 11/30/2010
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