Windows 10 & Dentrix: What You Should Know

Find out how automatic Windows 10 upgrades could affect your practice.

Microsoft released the Windows 10 operating system and its programming infrastructure .NET 4.6 on July 29, 2015.

In May 2016, Microsoft started automatically upgrading users to Windows 10. As a Dentrix customer, you will be affected by both the Windows 10 upgrade and the .NET 4.6 change. In order to capitalize on these new versions and ensure that Dentrix and your other software solutions still function correctly, you need to take action before installing either Windows 10 or .NET 4.6. As always, ensuring that you are running the latest version of Dentrix can help you be prepared for any other changes in the software industry. For more information on the Windows 10 update from Microsoft, click here.

Please note that while the instructions below pertain to Dentrix, it is important to ensure all other software applications used in your office will also function on Windows 10 prior to upgrading.

Before you upgrade to Windows 10 or .NET 4.6, here is what you need to know (by Dentrix version):

G6.1: Fully functional on Windows 10 and .NET 4.6 and does not require any additional updates.

Canadian G6: Fully functional on Windows 10 and .NET 4.6 and does not require any additional updates.

Dentrix G5.2 or G6.0: A hotfix is available. See article 80353 for instructions on how to download and install a required .NET compatibility hotfix from the Update Manager.

Dentrix G5.0 or G5.1.X: You must first download and install an additional file on each computer. For instructions on how to install these files, please refer to article 74128.

If you use a version older than Dentrix G5.0, you have two choices:

  • Upgrade to the newest version of Dentrix before installing Windows 10. You can request Dentrix G6 here.
  • Work with your hardware technician to go back to an earlier version of Windows (Please note that the free upgrade of Windows 10 will no longer be available after July 2016).

However, please do NOT move to Windows 10 or .NET 4.6 if you use anything older than Dexis 9.4.4 or Dentrix Imaging Suite

NOTE: From, DEXIS 9 and DEXIS Imaging Suite are now compatible with Windows 10, along with DEXIS Platinum Sensors, DEXcam 3, DEXcam 4 and CariVu. (2/26/2016)

eServices Compatibility with Windows 10 and .NET 4.6

All Dentrix eServices are compatible with Windows 10 and .NET 4.6 – including eClaims, PowerPay LE, eCentral and eSync.

However, if you are already using Windows 10 and want to use PowerPay, it will not install. Dentrix customers currently using PowerPay can upgrade to Windows 10 at any time. Customers considering PowerPay for a Windows 10 system should consider PowerPay LE as a temporary solution instead.

Again, before you upgrade to Window 10 or .NET 4.6, we recommend you do a full assessment of your practice software and technology to ensure they are fully compatible.

Published: 06/30/2016
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