Dentrix Profitability Coaching: Case Study

Dentrix Profitability Coaching

As a Dentrix user since 1997, Dr. Kenton A. Ross thought he knew the software inside and out. Still, he was intrigued by what he’d read about Profitability Coaching. Two years ago he attended the Dentrix Business of Dentistry Conference and met a few of the coaches. "It seemed like a no-brainer to commit to the time investment. I just needed to find the time," he says.

A Big Eye Opener
In February 2013, Dr. Ross and his team gathered in his office for the first of seven monthly conference calls with their Dentrix Profitability coach. "The first conference call alone paid for the whole cost of the coaching. It was a big eye opener to what we thought we knew."

The first call was about using Dentrix reports to track key performance indicators—the crucial numbers that have the biggest impact on practice profitability. "We found that we were entering some inaccurate numbers. The coach gave us the real numbers to look at."

One Call Filled the Schedule
Dr. Ross scheduled the calls for Friday mornings, when no patients were scheduled. This meant the hygienists had to come in on their day off. "They understood that using this program they would start filling their schedules, so they were more than willing to attend the calls."

By the second call, the hygiene schedule was filled for the next six months. "Our coach found 400 patients we could reconnect with in our patient database. That one step filled the schedule. You can imagine how a full hygiene schedule affects your bottom line. Coaching gave us really good bang for the buck. I don’t regret a minute of those calls."

Dr. Ross and his team were impressed by the expertise of their Dentrix coach, and the way she customized the content for their particular needs. "She was an experienced consultant who had actually worked in a dental practice, both at the front desk and as an assistant. She had a clear understanding of our processes."

Information at Our Fingertips
The practice received tip sheets after every call, and often emailed questions for the coach to address in the next call. "We spent a half hour after each call assigning action items to keep everyone on the same page. Everyone was really pumped up and ready to take on their new responsibilities, and focus on learning the software better."

The biggest change Dr. Ross noticed from Profitability Coaching was his team’s confidence. "The team went from being frustrated to knowing that the answers to our unique needs are there in Dentrix. The overall confidence the team gained helped them understand how to put patients first and take care of them."

We can keep accurate information at our fingertips.

Tremendous Jump in Our Bottom Line
Since completing the Profitability Coaching program, Dr. Ross and his team have started tracking case acceptance, over-the-counter collections and referral sources more closely. "Referral tracking is an excellent way to market your practice. Anything you want to improve you’ve got to measure."

And what value would Dr. Ross place on the coaching program? "Priceless. After being flat for five years, we’ve seen a tremendous jump in our bottom line. Even though I’ve used Dentrix since 1997, I’m still learning something new. You can always find something that adds value to your practice."

To get started in the Profitability Coaching program visit or call 1.800.336.8749.

Author: Jeremy Johnson, Dentrix Marketing Manager
Published: 10/31/2013
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