Dentrix Mastery Tracks

Skills Development for Dentrix Professionals

Unlock Your Inner Specialist

Become a Dentrix Specialist by passing a set of mastery tests in one or more of four Mastery Tracks: Clinical, Financial, Front Office, and Practice Analysis. Read below how these dental professionals became specialists, and how it has helped them.

Specialist Spotlights

Front Office

NEW! Anna Punjwani, Patient Coordinator
Lakeview Family Dentistry, Hugo, MN

Like many new dental professionals, Anna first learned how to use Dentrix by trial and error. Becoming a Dentrix Specialist helped her fill in her knowledge gaps and become an expert resource and trainer in her practice.

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NEW! Leah Jandres, Administrative Coordinator
Health Centered Dentistry, Anchorage, AK

Leah first started with Dentrix Mastery Tracks because of a practice competition. She won first prize: six chicken eggs! Since then she has completed all Mastery level courses and tests, and has become more efficient, has a broader understanding of what Dentrix can do, and has expanded her responsibilities.

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Victoria Jimenez, Treatment and Finance Coordinator
Rolling Oaks Dental, San Antonio, TX

Victoria found out about Mastery Tracks in Dentrix Magazine, and knew right away she wanted to become a Dentrix Specialist. She has enjoyed tested her abilities, meeting the challenge of the tests, and setting an example for others in the practice to get the most out of Dentrix.

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Monica Robinett, Senior Financial Coordinator
Moore & Pascarella Dental Group, Red Bluff, CA

Monica knows that Dentrix is powerful, and participating in Mastery Tracks has helped her use the software more efficiently and to its’ full potential.

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Paige Lilley, Insurance Billing Coordinator
Dr. Christopher A. Laing DDS, Tallahassee, FL

Paige immediately saw there was a lot to Dentrix. Mastery Tracks helped her learn its processes step by step and quickly. It has helped her and the practice improve overall productivity and profitability.

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Camy Gherghescu, Operations Manager
Goldstein Dental Group, PLLC, Novi, MI

Camy says that Mastery Tracks felt like personalized, training that resulted in even greater team productivity.

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Ana Ebanks, Office Coordinator
Joseph F. Manzi, DDS, Eastchester, NY

Ana reveals how becoming a Dentrix specialist boosted her confidence and helped her become more assertive in the workplace.

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Amy Kaminski, Business Manager
Dawson Family Dentistry, Danville, IN

Now that she has studied Dentrix Mastery Tracks, Amy has a better understanding of all the features in Dentrix. There isn't a question she cannot answer, or find the answer to. This makes for happier doctors and staff.

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Office Managers/Dentists

NEW! Carly Rhea, Office Manager
Devine Dentistry, PLLC, Nashville, TN

Carly first learned Dentrix the “My Self-Taught Way”, but wanted to learn the best ways to use Dentrix. Mastery Tracks has helped her become more effective and confident her skills are up to date, and that her practice is using Dentrix to its full potential.

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Ja’Rice Chisholm, Office Manager
Lane and Associates, Fayetteville, NC

Ja’Rice enjoys sharing what she has learned about Dentrix with other managers and team members. She has the knowledge and confidence now to answer questions she couldn’t answer before.

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Teressa Keith, Practice Manager
Dr. Debra Duffy, Pediatric Dentistry, Flower Mound, TX

When Teressa found out about Mastery Tracks, she took the challenge to become a specialist, and has earned all four Dentrix specialist certificates. It has increased her confidence and broadened her knowledge of how to get more out of Dentrix.

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Carla Sullivan, DMD
Carla Sullivan Dentistry, Tulsa, OK

Carla seeks competence in every aspect of her practice, and tells how Mastery Tracks helped her identify learning and training needs.

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Kelli Wall, Office Manager
Bright Smiles Dental, Tooele, UT

Kelli’s love of a challenge motivated her to try Mastery Tracks—and she got the extra bonus of learning new ways to be more efficient.

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Leslie Garabedian, Office Manager
Belmont Dental Associates, Haledon, NJ

Leslie believes that knowing one’s weaknesses helps one become strong—and Mastery Tracks helped her build a powerful team.

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Mary LeBlanc, Office Manager, CDA
Willows Dental Group, North Andover, MA

Mary tried Mastery Tracks and improved her time management by learning how to streamline common tasks in the Dentrix system.

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LaVerne McNeil, Regional Director
Lane and Associates DDS, Angier, NC

LaVerne challenged herself with Dentrix Mastery Tracks to see where she needed to improve her Dentrix skills during the exciting time of converting several of her offices to Dentrix.

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Hygienists/Dental Assistants

NEW! Jeff Figueroa, Team Leader/Head Dental Assistant
Coastal Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry, Virginia

Jeff wanted to become better at training his co-workers on Dentrix. He has improved his knowledge about Dentrix and is now the go-to person in his office for Dentrix questions, and has the certificates to back up his expertise.

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Chuc Nguyen, Registered Dental Hygienist
Cambridge Dental, Inc, Houston, Texas

Chuc credits Mastery Tracks with helping her transition to Dentrix from other practice management software. Being familiar with the clinical aspects of Dentrix helps her support the doctors and other staff.

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Erin Silva, Hygienist
Lakepoint Dental, Elk Grove, CA

Erin has found that being a Dentrix specialist helps her look at the big picture and evaluate the processes in her office, which makes her a more valuable asset to her team.

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Mahara Ibarra, Dental Assistant
Ellis Family Dentistry, Chapel Hill, NC

Mahara appreciates how learning more about Dentrix increases her job security and helps her expand her capabilities and advance her career, satisfying the growth mindset she has.

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Lisa Dunlap, Registered Dental Hygienist
Branchburg Dental, Branchburg NJ

Lisa combined her experience as a hygienist and the knowledge she gained through Mastery Tracks training to better assist her patients and work better with the front desk to make the office run smoothly.

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Anais Dakin, Orthodontic Assistant
Carrie Webb Orthodonics, Whittinsville MA

Anais has used Mastery Tracks certificates to help her showcase the effort she has put into getting the most out of Dentrix. She has been able to use her expertise in several roles, including clinical manager, assistant, and practice coordinator.

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