Frequently Asked Questions

What is eSync?

eSync is an environment that allows Dentrix to interact with integrated, web-based practice management services provided by Henry Schein Practice Solutions.

What types of web-based services does eSync offer?

eSync includes a Plug-in Manager that offers several plug-ins which enhance and automate many practice management processes. For example, the Questionnaire plug-in automatically pushes completed patient questionnaires from the eCentral Kiosk to the Dentrix Questionnaires module. The Address Corrections plug-in allows Dentrix users to import patient address changes from the National Change of Address database. PowerPayLE EMV enables Dentrix offices to process credit and debit card payments directly through Dentrix, without additional hardware, software, or registration fees.

Is eSync required to run Dentalink and other web-based plug-ins?


Who can use eSync and the other web-based plug-ins?

Any Dentrix customer using Dentrix G4 Productivity Pack 7 or later can install and use eSync, Dentalink, and the other web-based plug-ins free of charge. When you install eSync, you are required to enter your Dentrix ID number.

What software is required in order to run eSync?

eSync requires Microsoft .NET 3.5 SP1 and .NET 4.0. If both versions of .NET are not installed, you will be prompted to install them at the beginning of the eSync installation process. They must be installed prior to installing eSync 3.0. You can obtain a copy of the Microsoft .NET Framework on Microsoft’s website.

How can I obtain eSync?

eSync is a free download that is available by contacting eServices Support at 800-734-5561, option 1. Your system must meet the minimum requirements before eSync can be downloaded and installed.

Where can I find instructions for installing eSync?

The eSync Installation Guide is available at . You can also obtain the eSync Istallation Guide from the Manuals tab in the Dentrix Resource Center (

How long will it take to install eSync?

The time will vary depending on the customer’s Internet connection and computer speed. The installation may require up to 10 minutes per computer. (If you need to install Microsoft .NET, that will require additional time.)

Do I need to close any Dentrix software modules before running the eSync installation?

No, it is not necessary to close Dentrix before installing eSync.

Does eSync require installation on the network server and clients?

Yes. eSync requires installation on the server and on the clients. eSync also requires separate installations for online clients (computers connected to the Internet) and offline clients (computers connected to the office network but not to the Internet).

What are the requirements for the eSync server?

In order for a computer to act as the eSync server, it must maintain constant Internet access, always be running, and be capable of handling a high networking and processing load. The eSync server is the computer that will handle all eSync communications and processing. The eSync server must be able to communicate with the practice management database.

Does it matter which computer is designated as the eSync server?

No, but Henry Schein Practice Solutions recommends that the eSync server be installed on the practice management server, the computer which holds the customer’s practice management database.

Do I have to install eSync on the server and clients in any particular order?

Yes. You must install the eSync server before installing eSync on any of the clients.

Will I need to reboot the customer's computers after installing eSync?


What if I have other questions about eSync?

Instructions for using eSync are available on the eSync Help menu. For other questions regarding eSync, contact eServices Customer Support at 1-800-734-5561.

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