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Streamline Your Perio Exam with Voice Recognition Software

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Dentrix Voice Perio "A Shop For Smiles" Case Study

Dr. Hagstrom and his team understood and embraced the value of voice recognition software earlier than most. Read how their move from Dentirx VoicePro to Dentrix Ascend Voice Perio has improved their perio exams and patient treatment.
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Dentrix Voice Perio Product Sheet

Dentrix Voice Perio eliminates the need for manual entry, allowing hygienists to verbally record perio exam results — hands-free and assistant-free.
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Dentrix Voice Perio Infographic

Streamline perio exams with a voice-recognition solution that helps improve patient care, and increase efficiency and safety
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Dentrix Voice Perio Overview

Introducing Dentrix Voice Perio, powered by Bola AI — a voice recording system that simplifies perio exams.

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