Dentrix Optimum Bundle

Engage patients more fully with our premier bundle's complete set of advanced tools.

This top-of-the-line suite offers a comprehensive collection of services, support and features to help you raise your practice to its full digital potential. It includes everything in the Momentum Bundle, as well as valuable communication features that help you stay in contact with patients and build stronger relationships. You'll also gain the competitive edge that comes with advanced digital technology, which promotes the image of a progressive, thriving practice to patients and makes front-office and clinical tasks more efficient.


  • Strengthen patient relationships with powerful communication features that keep you in touch.
  • Engage patients in the care process by enabling them to manage their accounts, make appointments and check in online.
  • Boost your image and reputation as an advanced center of digital excellence, which helps increase patient loyalty and referrals.

Your practice will receive all the Momentum features, PLUS:

  • Automated email appointment and recall reminders
  • Automated text message appointment reminders
  • Automated appointment and recall postcard reminders
  • Automated confirmation posting from all reminders
  • Integrated website with hosting
  • Online patient account access
  • Online bill payment and posting
  • Integrated online patient forms
  • In-office patient kiosk software
  • Remote appointment management
  • 20% transaction discount on eClaims™, eCentral™ postcards and QuickBill™ statements*
* First class postage not included
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