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This online guide has been designed as a resource to help your office transition to Dentrix. Your implementation starts when you receive the Dentrix software and ends when you are seeing patients while using Dentrix. This can take 4 to 6 weeks based on several factors. In order to make your transition as smooth as possible, you will be assigned a Systems Implementation Coordinator to manage your entire implementation from start to finish. Your Coordinator will schedule the implementation with your office, the Data Services Team, and a local Dentrix Certified Trainer. Your Coordinator has had years of experience implementing hundreds of offices and can assist or direct you in all of your Dentrix implementation needs.

Once you receive your software, your Coordinator will contact your office within a few business days to review this guide, the implementation process, and assist you in scheduling the necessary steps. These steps include scheduling a trial conversion to test your data, a ‘live’ conversion for the office to use and see patients, and various training dates along the way to teach the office how to use Dentrix. If at any time you have concerns with your implementation, please notify your Coordinator immediately.

Please read through the rest of this guide for the details of your implementation process.

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