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Hands-on Dentrix training from your home or office

New Virtual Workshops

Dentrix virtual workshops offer the benefits of a live class without the time and expense of travel. Join us from the comfort of your home or office and learn how to use time-saving tools in Dentrix with the help of our expert trainers. All you need is two hours, a phone, and a computer with an internet connection.

What you get at a workshop

  • Hands-on practice in Dentrix
  • Assistance and advice from Dentrix experts
  • Tips and strategies to improve your daily workflow
  • A step-by-step workbook to help you remember and apply what you learn

How virtual classes work

Before the workshop, you’ll receive an email that includes your workbook, a phone number to call for the workshop audio, and a link to join the virtual classroom. You’ll connect online to a virtual computer that has Dentrix installed, so you don’t need Dentrix on your computer. The trainer will share their screen and demonstrate tasks, and then you'll have a chance to practice in Dentrix and ask questions.

Virtual workshops available

New Class! Treatment Planner Basics

Create and present treatment options for patients.

$149 | 2 hours + hour of optional lab time | See schedule for dates and times

The Dentrix Treatment Planner is a robust clinical tool that is often under-utilized. Learn how create and organize treatment-planned procedures into cases. Discover how you can link related cases, set up alternative treatment options, and set a recommended case. Get tips about how to print treatment cases, add consent forms, and view the history of a treatment case.
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A Deep Dive into Clinical Notes

Document patient care using Dentrix tools.

$149. 2 hours + 1 hour of optional lab time. See schedule for dates and times.

Clinical notes are an essential component of documenting the care you provide to your patients. Learn how to create clinical notes to document patient treatment, how to use clinical note templates to document routine procedures and treatment, and how to create your own templates based on your office needs.
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Build a Recare System That Works

Set up and clean up your continuing care.

$149. 2 hours + 1 hour of optional lab time. See schedule for dates and times.

Are patients falling through the cracks of your recare system? Learn the best way to set up your Dentrix continuing care system to keep patients active on their recare schedule. Discover the most common setup mistakes and how to correct them and get tips to clean up problems in your system so you can be confident you won’t lose track of any patients.
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Creating a Comprehensive Patient Health History

It’s more than a patient’s dental health.

$149. 2 hours + 1 hour of optional lab time. See schedule for dates and times.

Dentrix G7 introduced the new Health History module. Learn the ins and outs of this new module and discover how to use it to create a complete document of your patients’ health. Get tips about when and how to set up alerts to notify team members about medical conditions and ensure your patients receive the best care.
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Maximizing Collections and Cash Flow

Get paid for the treatment you provide.

$149. 2 hours + 1 hour of optional lab time. See schedule for dates and times.

Learn best practices with the Dentrix Collections Manager that make it easier to efficiently manage patient lists. Learn how to find and track patients with overdue balances, know when and how to contact them, and get tips to help you collect payments sooner.
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Setting Up and Assigning Insurance Plans

An easier way to track insurance coverage with Dentrix G7.4.

$149. 2 hours + 1 hour of optional lab time. See schedule for dates and times.

Keeping track of patient insurance coverage information can be difficult, but Dentrix G7.4 gives you a new coverage window with dedicated places to track deductibles, exceptions, and exclusions. Learn how to use the new insurance features to enter plan coverage information in Dentrix and attach insurance plans to subscribers and dependents.
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