Title: Patient Marketing for Profitability Virtual Event

Duration: 3hr 25min

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Operating your practice during a public health crisis can be complicated, with new safety protocols and anxious patients. How can you make patients feel comfortable coming back to your office? We will dive into "how" — and more importantly "why" - communicating with your patients and marketing your practice is more critical now than ever before. During this event, you'll hear from speakers including Doug Sligting, Dr. Anissa Holmes, and Dayna Johnson. Using their more than 50 years of combined dental-marketing experience, they'll share:

  • How to manage stress with humor
  • Why your website and online marketing are more important than you realize
  • How to use digital communications to keep your patients and staff safe
Watch this event now and prepare your practice to make 2021 your most profitable year yet!


Kay Frances: The Funny Thing About Stress

Douglas Sligting: Patients Aren’t Looking for New Dentists Now, Right? Wrong.

Dayna Johnson: Creating a Touchless Patient Check-In and Check-Out

Dr. Anissa Holmes: 3 Simple Ways to Maximize Your Return on Marketing

Andrea Gallimore: Patient Communication That Converts

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