Title: Stop Leaving Insurance Claim Money on the Table

Duration: 60 minutes

Start Time: 12:00 PM Mountain Time

Date: 10/20/2020

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This webinar is for dentists and their staff who want to collect all the money that is owed to them for the products and services they provide to their patients, but may lack the time, tools, expertise or personnel to make it happen. With eAssist and Dentrix, you can finally stop leaving that money on the table.

In this webinar we’ll discuss this new partnership with eAssist, and how they use your existing Dentrix solution to submit accurate claims, troubleshoot and resolve issues, and collect overdue balances. Key points we’ll cover:

  • Collecting 100% of what’s rightfully owed to a practice (industry average for annual uncollectible Accounts Receivable is 9 percent)
  • Submitting clean claims for payment within 24 hours
  • Posting all payments to patient ledgers within 24 hours
  • Following up at least every 14 days on all claims that hit 30+ days in aging
  • Getting the insurance over 90 to zero (and keeping it there)


Dr. Anderson - Co-Founder eAssist
Lois Banta - Chief Revenue Officer eAssist
Elliot Walker - Product Manager for Insurance, Henry Schein One

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