Free Webinar: Helping You Understand Your Practice Data

Using Data to Gain Insights and Drive Innovation

This FREE Webinar is for dentists and their staff who don't use Dentrix and are not satisfied with how their current practice management system uses data to gain insights and drive innovation for their practice.

Do you understand what your practice data is telling you?

Business Analysis is about collecting and analyzing the right data to help create a smoother and more pleasant experience for both your team and your patients.

During this free, one-hour webinar, you will learn the strategies and techniques of business anlaysis in the dental practice. Improve how you collect data and understand what the numbers are telling you and gain insights into your practice.

Hear from Virginia Moore, a graduate of ADA KEMP (America Dental Association, Kellogg School Executive Management Program for Dentists) with more than 20 years of impacting aspects of dental practices.

During this free, one hour webinar, you will learn about the following strategies for business analysis.

  • Three steps to unlocking potential
  • What is baseline data?
  • Hygiene and insurance realted data
  • Dollar difference between gross and adjusted production
  • Advanced level analysis
  • Leveraging your dental software

Don't miss this opportunity to understand the key factors and Dentrix tools that will help you improve business

analysis and claims processes as part of the perfect patient journey.

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