New Electronic Payers Added to the List

Let’s face it; there are companies that offer cheaper services than eServices for electronic data exchange. But what do you give up by choosing a company that allows you to send an electronic claim or verify an insurance eligibility for less money than eServices? The answer is functionality and connectivity.

eServices by far have the most efficient work flow for managing your insurance process. eClaims can be created and attachments added without leaving Dentrix. Eligibilities can also be verified from Dentrix. Real-time responses post directly back into the software, eliminating manual entry. If you’re not using eServices to manage patient insurance, you’re working too hard.

eClaims and eCentral continue to be connected to the largest payer lists for electronic claims, attachments and eligibilities in the industry. If you’re using a low-price, third-party solution, many of your claims are likely being mailed, rather than electronically transmitted. Therefore, you’re not receiving the benefits of faster submission and reimbursement.

eAdding electronic connectivity continues to be a priority in the enhancement of eClaims and eCentral. Below are the new payer connections recently created for eClaims, attachments and eligibilities.

New Payers Accepting Electronic Claims:

Payer ID Payer Name
26231 Community Claims Administration
36364 Northshore University Health System Medical Group
37280 Automated Group Administration (AGA)
59332 Web TPA Inc. of TX
95426 Affordable Benefits Admin (Burbank, CA)
CX090 Dina Dental
CX090 First Continental Life & Accident Insurance
DNOA1 Dental Network of America (BCBS of IL, TX, & NM)
93093 Lifewise Health Plan of Oregon
75237 Healthsmart Accel (TX)
61604 Prime West
68195 Provident Life & Accident Ins.
IHS01 Intra Health Solutions (formerly D. Edward Wright Inc.)
TFQ46 Benefit Concepts Inc.
34097 Central Reserve Life
94235 Delta Health System

New Payers Accepting Electronic Attachments:

Payer ID Payer Name
65030 Managed Care of North America
CDWY1 Delta Dental of Wyoming
GWD01 Blue Care Family Plan
GWD01 Golden West Dental
RLHA1 Renaissance Life & Health (Indianapolis, IN)
47570 Lifewise Health Plan of Oregon
TLU63 First Dental Health

New Payers Accepting electonic Eligibilities:

Payer ID Payer Name
13411 Standard Insurance Company (NY)
14165 MVP Health Care
29076 Medical Mutual of Ohio
35180 Coresource (NC, IN)
CBMA1 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
CKAL1 Medicaid of Alabama
CKAR1 Medicaid of Arkansas
TLU09 Medicaid of Arizona
CKCO1 Medicaid of Colorado
CKCT1 Medicaid of Connecticut
CKDC1 Medicaid of District of Columbia
CKGA1 Medicaid of Georgia
CKIA1 Medicaid of Iowa
CKID1 Medicaid of Idaho
CKIL1 Medicaid of Illinois
CKKS1 Medicaid of Kansas
CKKY1 Medicaid of Kentucky
CKLA1 Medicaid of Louisiana (EPSDT)
CKLA2 Medicaid of Louisiana (Adult Care)
CKMD1 Medicaid of Maryland
CKME1 Medicaid of Maine
CKMI1 Medicaid of Michigan
CKMN1 Medicaid of Minnesota
CKMO1 Medicaid of Missouri
CKMS1 Medicaid of Mississippi
CKMT1 Medicaid of Montana
CKNC1 Medicaid of North Carolina
CKND1 Medicaid of North Dakota
CKNH1 Medicaid of New Hampshire
CKNJ1 Medicaid of New Jersey
CKNM1 Medicaid of New Mexico
CKNV1 Medicaid of Nevada
CKNY2 Medicaid of New York
CKOH1 Medicaid of Ohio
CKOK1 Medicaid of Oklahoma
CKOR1 Medicaid of Oregon
CKPA1 Medicaid of Pennsylvania
CKSC1 Medicaid of South Carolina
TLZ29 Medicaid of South Dakota
CKTX1 Medicaid of Texas
CKVA1 Medicaid of Virginia
CKVT1 Medicaid of Vermont
CKWA1 Medicaid of Washington
CKWI1 Medicaid of Wisconsin
CKWV1 Medicaid of West Virginia
DDCA2 Delta Care USA Claims

For assistance with electronic claims, attachments or eligibilities, please contact eServices Support at 1-800-734-5561, Option 1 .

Author: Damon Graves
Published: 10/03/2009
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