eClaims – Dental Claims Features

Get reimbursed faster with electronic insurance claims

Integrated Submission Process

With Dentrix eClaims, you can send insurance claims within your practice management software for a fully integrated, efficient claims process. This electronic solution saves you time and hassle because it skips the hinderances of physical mailing like stamps, printing or a long delivery time, and it allows you to send claims 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with just a click of a button.

Claim Tracking

Dentrix eClaims includes detailed submission reports you can access at any time. Because the status of each claim you send is tracked in real time, you can confirm your claim was received and follow up on outstanding claims easier.

Broad Connectivity

You can send more claims electronically with Dentrix eClaims than with any other electronic claims provider. This solution is connected to the largest list of payers in the dental industry, giving you more access to more payers. Additionally, this solution enables you to initiate claims electronically — even if the insurance company is not on the Electronic Payer List — by printing the claims and mailing them for you.


Everything you need to complete a claim, including digital X-rays, perio charts and photographs, can be easily attached within Dentrix. Many claims are even adjudicated in real time, reducing the reimbursement time even further.

Claim Validation

If your claims are missing information, Dentrix eClaims will let you know. During the eClaims validation process, your claim is checked for necessary components, and you’ll be alerted if you need to add more information. This process reduces the number of rejections your claims receive, saving you time and helping you receive your money faster.

Automatic Updates

Dentrix eClaims software stays up to date without requiring manual updates. Instead, eClaims updates are automatic, streamlining your workflow while also reducing human error. Automatic updates are simple and efficient, ensuring your claims are transmitted safely and reliably with the latest technology.

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