VoicePro Offers Hands-Free Charting

VoicePro works with Microsoft technology to make using VoicePro easy. VoicePro has undergone many hours of development and now combines the functionality of perio charting along with clinical note transcription all in one application. New enhancements in VoicePro include:

  • Seamless integration with Dentrix
  • Combines perio charting and clinical note transcription into one software
  • Easy to learn and train
  • Enhanced voice response
  • Customizable commands

VoicePro simplifies perio examinations and eliminates cross contamination. Simply speak into a headset microphone during an examination and VoicePro will record your findings automatically.

VoicePro also offers a hands-free alternative to the time-consuming, expensive, and inefficient process of transcribing clinical notes. VoicePro offers an optimal level of accuracy, flexibility, and adaptability that can increase your over-all practice efficiency.

Author: Travis Dalley
Published: 06/01/2010
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