New Payer Connections Added in June

Electronic claims: Dentrix now has an eClaim connection with the following payors. If any of your patients are using these carriers, you can reduce paper claims and submit claims through Dentrix instead.

Payor ID Payor Name
CBFLFFlorida Blue FEP
53589Arizona Blue Cross Blue Shield
08754Eddy Senior Care

Attachments: You can now add digital X-rays, EOBs, photos and Perio charts to electronic claims sent to the following payors.

Payor ID Payor Name
86098AmeriHealth DC Medicaid- Avesis
86098AmeriHealth MI MMP (Medicare/ Medicaid) Avesis

View the entire list of electronic payor connections using the Payor Search Tool. You can search for specific payors or download the complete payor list.

Call (800) 734-5561 to enroll for eClaims or for help setting up any of these services.

Published: 07/31/2015
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