Eighty-Four Insurance Coding Changes for 2013

The ADA has released the 2013 Current Dental Terminology (CDT). After having received numerous code change and addition requests, the combined efforts of the prior Code Revision Committee (CRC), the new Code Advisory Committee (CAC), and the Council on Dental Benefits have resulted in 35 new codes, 37 revised codes, and 12 deleted codes—all becoming effective on January 1, 2013.

Many of the modifications for 2013 are associated with some of the most commonly performed dental procedures including fluoride treatments, bleaching, and crown retainer buildups. Additionally, changes include the addition of assessment and screening codes as well as codes to describe the use of an ICON™ infiltrate procedure and prefabricated ceramic crowns for primary teeth. Radiographs are now described as “images” rather than “films” to more accurately denote a digital x-ray along with many new codes associated with the reporting of 3-D images. The porcelain material description has been updated to include new materials such as the Lava Ultimate™ block. Periodontal and oral surgery codes have been added that describe the repair of bony defects associated with implants, sinus lift procedures, PRP, as well as a new gingivectomy code associated with restorative access. In the restorative and C&B sections, there are updates redefining the use of a provisional prosthesis and a deletion of the interim codes. These are just a few of the many changes in CDT 2013.

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Author: Dr. Charles Blair
Published: 01/01/2013
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