New Payor Connections Added in January

Dentrix has eClaims connections with several new payors. For patients using the following insurance carriers, you can reduce paper claims by submitting electronic claims through Dentrix instead.

Payor ID Payor Name
86711PACE Southeast Michigan
76184LIFE St. Mary
22100Health Choice Integrated Care
93240Evergreen Health Co-Op
34150The Health Plan of the Upper Ohio Valley
59847LIFE St. Joseph of the Pines
STR01AlwaysCare Benefits
25924LIFE Beaver & Lawrence
25922LIFE Armstrong
25923LIFE Butler
27005Lifestyle Dental

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Dentrix eEOB

After you have sent claims and attachments to payors electronically, complete the electronic claim round trip by accepting electronic explanation of benefit statements (eEOBs) that the insurance carrier sends back to you. The following payors now send eEOBs.

Payor IDPayor Name
BOONGBoon Administrative Services
45399Health Choice Utah
46221Health Choice Insurance Payor
62180Health Choice Generations
93240Evergreen Health Co-Op
CX045National Elevator Industry Benefit Plan (NEIB)
22100Health Choice Integrated Care
CDAR1Delta Dental of Arkansas
CX052DentaQuest - Government (Coral Gables, FL) (Medicaid)
CKID1Medicaid of Idaho (use for DOS 6/30/2011 newer use CX014) - DentaQuest
CKIL1DentaQuest - Government IL (Medicaid of Illinois)
CKKY3DentaQuest - Government (KY)
CKKY3Doral Dental of Kentucky/Region 3 (Policy #0030)
CKMD1Medicaid of Maryland (Dept. of Health & Mental Hygiene) – DentaQuest
CKSC1DentaQuest - Government Plans (SC Medicaid)
62154DentaQuest - Government Plans (TN)
CKVA1DentaQuest - Government Plans (VA Medicaid)
53287Blue Cross Blue Shield of Delaware
76031Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida
76031Florida Combined Life
CBFLUBlue Cross Blue Shield of Florida
CBFLUFlorida Combined Life
53021LA BCBS Advantage Plus Network
52611Electrical Workers Welfare Trust
95340Adventist Health

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Dentrix Attachments

With electronic attachments, you can add digital X-rays, EOBs, photos and perio charts to the electronic claims you send. For more information about electronic insurance claim attachments, visit

Dentrix Insurance Manager

The Insurance Manager allows you to verify insurance eligibility in real time or to perform automatic insurance eligibility uploads. For more information about automated insurance eligibility verification or to register, visit

View the entire list of electronic payor connections using the Payor Search Tool at You can search for specific payors or download the complete payor list.

Call 800-734-5561 for help setting up any of these services.

Author: Dentrix eServices Team
Published: 01/31/2016
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