Dentrix G6.3 Is Here

We are happy to announce that the latest release, Dentrix G6.3, is now available to all customers running G6.2 or higher. As with previous updates, we continue to incorporate feedback from you, our customers. Here are just a few of the new or enhanced features you can expect from this release:

Appointment Book Schedule Production Option

If you would prefer to see the net production (production +/- adjustments) in the Scheduled Production Calendar rather than the gross amount, a new option has been added to calculate with production adjustments. You can then further decide if you want those to be calculated based on entry date or procedure date.

Override Dental Insurance Estimate

Based on your feedback, we have changed the Edit or Delete Procedure dialog box to allow you to always update or edit the Override Dental Insurance Estimate. This means you can now change that estimate even after the procedure has been attached to a claim or the procedure has moved to history.

Practice Advisor Treatment Plan Calculations

To further enhance the way you calculate revenue for treatment planned procedures, we’ve made a change so that the revenue is counted when the treatment is accepted, not when it is completed. As mentioned, these are just a few of the improvements you can expect in this update. To see if you can install this or any other update for Dentrix, open any Dentrix module, click on Help > About Dentrix > Check for Updates. Before running any update, please be sure everybody has signed out of the Dentrix software and you have a current backup.

Author: Brad Royer
Published: 04/17/2017
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