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Video Testimonials

Dr. Butterman Explains Why Dentrix featuring Smart Image Helps His Practice Perform Better

Dr. Butterman and his staff talk about what makes them special as a practice and how Dentrix featuring Smart Image supports them and their patients every day.
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Dr. Busch on Providing Quality Care in a Digital Office

Dr. Bill Busch talks about how using Dentrix as the backbone of his digital office helps him provide quality patient care.
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Dr. Snyder on the Need for Office Efficiencies and Profitability

Dr. Todd Snyder speaks on the necessity of a having a digital dental office and increased practice efficiencies with using Dentrix.
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Dr. Fossum on Managing a Business and Training Tools

Dr. Richard Fossum speaks on the importance of training and managing his business successfully with Dentrix.
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Dr. Hanna on Going Paperless and Reduced Practice Stress

Dr. Eva Hanna speaks on going to a paperless practice and improving office stress using Dentrix.
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Dr. Tomaro on Managing a Profitable Practice and Using Business Tools

Dr. Tony Tomaro speaks about the day-to-day operations of running a profitable business with Dentrix.
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"I think what my patients see from all of us as a result of using Dentrix is a calm competence and that’s definitely increased my practice."

—Joel Doyon, DDS

"The more efficient you are with your software (Dentrix), the more time you have for your patients, and the happier they are going to be."

—Todd Sarubin, DDS

"Dentrix provides the 'wow' factor for my patients to visualize the treatment they need and to allay their fears about the treatment they don't need. I have never had a trust problem with patients but the 'doubters' are easily handled with the visual they get from Dentrix."

—Dr. Dennis Kent, LaGrange, IL

"I remember when my Henry Schein sales representative promised me that I would get a return on my investment very soon after purchasing my Dentrix software. Guess what? He was right! Funny thing is... I keep getting that same return on my investment month after month...year after year. Thank you Dentrix!"

—Chris Hammond, DDS, Provo, UT

“The Dentrix Practice Advisor provides solutions a practice can truly implement to accomplish their goals…It will make a significant difference in the dental practice for dentists, their team and their patients.”


—Dr. Lou Shuman, President, The Pride Institute

"New features are nice but performance improvements deliver real benefits, keeping me and my team productive."

—Dr. Dwight Simpson

"Dentrix is very user friendly. Accessibility is wonderful. The advances in Dentrix with the past 3 versions of the software have been fabulous. It is extremely easy to become a paperless office. This allows the practice to move forward and able to focus on the patient instead of the process of the paperwork. I am extremely happy with the quality of the software and the friendly and knowledgeable support staff at Henry Schein."

—Dr. Jay West, Dr. Peter Stanton and Dr. Joseph Opack, St. Paul, MN

“The information has been an eye opener! Even though we have utilized many features of Dentrix, there is so much more to Dentrix than we knew. The tips, shortcuts and reports that our coach has trained us in has resulted in immediate improvements in our office. These changes have also resulted in immediate increased profits.”

—Dr. Flanders, Delhi, NY

As a new owner, Profitability Coaching has helped me understand the financial side of dentistry and to get our staff updated and working on things that we struggle with, as well as new ideas to implement in the future.

—Stephanie Neely, Doctor/Owner, MO

I have been in the industry for 20 plus years. No dental software offers analytics like Dentrix. Having the coaching side will teach doctors how important the numbers are and in turn, help them reach new heights with production and collections. I have run million dollar practices. This coaching will help them. Having the right person teach is huge too!

—Nina Harris, Office Manager, NY

"The install across the network was smoother and nice not having to reset the workstations quick keys, etc."

—Dr. John Loar, Seven Points, TX

"I can't say enough about what Dentrix has done for my practice. It has truly given me the freedom to do dentistry and has given my office manager the best tools available to manage my business. I would recommend Dentrix for every practice."

—Dr. Stephanie L. Huddleston, Lexington, KY

“The different facets of being able to contact Dentrix either by phone or the click to chat option has been really great, they always respond quickly.”

—Darla Rich RDH, Administrative Assistance, Exeter, CA

"The integration of all the different modules is what impresses me the most. It allows office management to be easy. Also, the speed in which the application opens is much faster."

—Dr. Calvin J. Wilson, Clinton, MD

"Dentrix document center has improved, allowing easy scanning and organization of all paper documentation and correspondences. This feature is the leading instrument of our office to become paperless."

—Dr. Ken Kordan, Woodridge, Ill

“The greatest immediate impact is that the coaching program fosters conversations about your office and how you operate. These conversations almost always lead to discovery of problems, as well as how best to solve them.”

—Dr. Marc Wallach, St. Louis, MO

“Dentrix is a must have if you intend to be a paperless office."

—Dr. Bryan Law, Rockville, MA

Profitability Coaching has helped us work through some difficult challenges in the practice and continues to be a strong resource in our developing plans moving forward. Its help has been invaluable and is an extremely significant asset for this program.

—Aaron Lemperes, Doctor/Owner, WA

Profitability Coaching has helped me incorporate new modern ways to use the Dentrix in a more efficient and time saving way. I absolutely enjoyed the training sessions. Our coach had an incredible amount of patience with all of my questions and is very well versed and knowledgeable in the Dentrix program. She was able to guide me with easy steps for me to better understand the system and new ways of using the program.

—Pilar Velasquez, Office Manager, NJ

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