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Proven patient billing and payment features that help you improve profitability.

QuickBill Mail

Statements That Reflect Your Practice

Tired of adding handwritten notes or Post-Its to patient statements? With QuickBill Mail, you can review statements and add personalized notes before they’re sent. Notes are printed directly on each statement, providing personal, targeted communication with a more professional appearance.

Personalized Communication with Patients

QuickBill allows you to add personalized notes to your statements. Where you once needed to hand write notes on a statement or on a post-it note, you can now have printed directly on the statement for a more professional appearance.

National Change of Address Verification (NCOA)

QuickBill Mail statements receive “move update” verification to improve database accuracy. Plus, any addresses corrected through NCOA are reported to you, keeping you informed and allowing you to maintain the accuracy of your patients’ contact information. This helps to make it easier to stay in touch with patients and reduce attrition.

QuickBill Email

Save Time, Money, and Effort

Get started with QuickBill Email, and say goodbye to printing and delivery costs. You can send statement notifications electronically at any time and at any frequency instead of shipping out a block of paper invoices once a month. As a bonus, you won’t have to incur any delivery fees should you need to rebill or resend a statement.

Convenient Payment Options

Provide your patients with simple ways to pay remotely 24/7. QuickBill Email has an easy, secure verification process — patients can click their personal link, view their statements, pay balances and print receipts from home, all without logging in. They’ll never have to come in to the office or call — they can pay any time it is convenient for them.

Be Sensitive to Patient Needs

Maintain your practice cash flow while being sensitive to your patients’ financial situations. QuickBill Email can be customized with personal messages, and delivery can be suppressed for specific patients when needed. Communicate the way you want via the method your patients prefer.

A Smarter Way to Pay

Which version of QuickBill is right for you? Whether you prefer traditional mail, email or both, QuickBill is your billing and payment solution.

QuickBill Premium
(Available on Dentrix G7.6 and higher.)

All-In-One Billing and Payment Solution

Choose from email, text and mail statement notification options — or create the perfect combination of each to match the preferences of your patients. Speed up payments, cut costs and take the frustration out of billing for both your team and your patients.

Go Paperless, Get Paid Faster

With text statement notifications, you can collect payments without requiring patients to come into the office or even make a phone call. Boost patient retention by providing the user-friendly, paperless payment options that patients expect.

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Text Notifications for Billing and Payment

Text patient billing notifications right from Dentrix QuickBill Premium. Patients tap and pay. Dentrix posts payments automatically to the ledger. Text, pay, post, it’s as simple as 1-2-3. Patients view statements and make payments online 24/7, saving you time and money while growing your practice’s cash flow.

Make Billing Convenient and Secure

Patients can use their text message notification to access a secure payment portal — without having to remember credentials or log in. Connect your billing process to your patients’ phones to make paying bills as convenient as online shopping.

A Smarter Way to Pay

Which version of QuickBill is right for you? Whether you prefer traditional mail, email or both, QuickBill is your billing and payment solution.

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