Your Systems Implementation Coordinator will help you schedule your training by working with you and a local Dentrix Certified trainer to find the time that works best for both of you. Our trainers are all experts on using the software. All of them have worked or are currently working in a dental office using the software on a regular basis and can help provide insight and advice during the initial training to help you fully understand and utilize the features available. You can be confident that your trainer has had years of experience using the software, has completed a rigorous certification process, and receives continual training to keep their skills up to date.

Our trainers will help your office during the implementation process by conducting your training and setup as well as teaching you how to use the essential elements of the Dentrix software. You may also use your training hours to have your trainer assist you with data entry. How you use your trainer’s time will be based on your office’s needs and preferences.

Because trainers book out in advance, your training may be scheduled anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks out from when you received your software.

Previous experience has shown that the purchase of 24 hours of training is preferable except for very large offices which may need more than 24 hours. This time can be one of the most valuable aspects of your software implementation.

If you choose to have less than 24 hours of training, please see the At-A-Glance training guide to decide what aspects you want to be trained on and what aspects you want to learn on your own since less than 24 hours of training may not be enough to cover all features of the program.

We recommend that your office receive 12 hours of training before your live conversion and the rest of the hours once you have your live conversion installed in your system. Each training session must be a minimum of 4 hours at a time. Once your training dates are set, your final data conversion will be scheduled to ensure that your data is converted and ready to be used when your office is ready to go live on the Dentrix software.

In order to receive the most benefit from your training and setup hours, and to make your transition to Dentrix go as smoothly as possible, be aware of the following:

  • Discuss Training Agenda with Trainer
    Speak to your trainer about what aspects of Dentrix you are most concerned with getting trained on. Ask for homework, things you can work on in between training sessions. Also discuss who should attend which training. Also discuss who should attend which training.
  • Training Includes Setup
    The trainer will help you set up Dentrix to meet your office’s specific needs. This setup time is part of the training package you purchased. Setup may also include a certain amount of initial data entry.
  • Training Can Include Data Entry
    Often a trainer will assist with some data entry in order to demonstrate and train the office in how to enter information. This is a part of the training hours you purchased. If you choose to have the trainer do more data entry for you, it can either come from your purchased training hours or you can negotiate directly with the trainer to pay for the data entry time.
  • Set Aside Time Dedicated to Training
    Avoid scheduling patients during your training time to allow your staff to focus on the training without distractions. It is important that the office staff be undistracted during the training and setup.
  • Use All Hours Before Going Live
    Dentrix is full of features that will help your office to save time and money by enhancing your patient care and professional image. Taking the time to learn the essential functions of the software before going live will greatly enhance your staff’s ability to use the Dentrix software.
    Use 12 hours of training before your live conversion is done and then the rest of your hours once your live conversion is installed in your system but before you start seeing patients.
  • Complete the Survey About Your Training Experience
    In order to monitor the effectiveness of the training, at the completion of each training session your trainer will ask you to complete a survey to provide feedback regarding your training experience. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey. Your feedback is appreciated.
There are several ways you can prepare for training.

  • Tutorial Mode
    The Tutor Base is an option in your Dentrix software which gives you the chance to practice putting information into Dentrix before you use it permanently. The tutor base has fake names and information in it to show what data will look like in Dentrix. Any information you input into the tutor base will not be saved. To set up this option, please contact support at 800.735.5518.
  • Training Manuals
    Read through your manuals before training to familiarize yourself with the software. Make sure to have your manuals ready for when your trainer will be in the office.
  • Additional Training
    You can purchase more in office training for $125 an hour, with a minimum of 4 hours per session, or online training for $99 an hour.
  • Dentrix Website
    More training opportunities, including webinars, workshops, and on-demand training, can be found under the training section of
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