Frequently Asked Questions

What are eEOBs?

Electronic Explanation of Benefits (eEOBs) are sent out by an insurance carrier to a dental provider or dental organization explaining what was paid for services rendered to their patients and sent previously as an insurance claim (either printed or sent electronically).

What do eEOBs typically include?
  • The payee (the provider), the payer (insurance carrier), the insurance subscriber and the patient (if different than the subscriber)
  • The service(s) rendered along with the date of service and the name of the provider or place that provided the service
  • The dentist’s fee and what the insurer allows (depending on the fees submitted on the claim)
  • The amount the patient is responsible for paying
  • Adjustment reasons (e.g. downgrades, frequency limitations, age limitations, etc.)
Are there other names for eEOBs?

Yes, these names include:

  • EOB: Explanation of Benefits (paper version)
  • ERA: Electronic Remittance Advice
  • 835: The technical EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) file term
  • eEOB: Henry Schein One name for Electronic Explanation of Benefits
Why are eEOBs important?

In today’s digital world, eEOBs are how business is done. They are part of eClaims, not a separate feature. With eEOBs, practices can:

  • Sign up for electronic delivery of insurance eEOBs
  • Reduce manual entry and streamline insurance claim reconciliation by speeding up patient billing and secondary claim submissions
  • Improve AR accuracy by automatically posting claims to the practice management software ledger and having those claims closed
  • Eliminate stacks of paper eEOBs
What are the requirements to register for eEOBs in Dentrix?
  • Dentrix G5.2 and higher
  • Dentrix eClaims
  • eSync plug-in for eEOBs
  • Additional registration for insurance carriers through a co-branded site with Change Healthcare
Can practices on Enterprise, Easy Dental or older versions of Dentrix (G4 or lower) register for eEOBs?

Yes, these practices can register for eEOBs but will not get the full integration that is available to them. These practices will only be able to receive their eEOBs inside the Reports Manager in eCentral Insurance Manager which means practices with Easy Dental or G4 and lower will need to be registered for eClaims and eCentral Insurance Manager to register for eEOBs. Also, it is important to note, that eEOBs will need to be manually entered into the practice management system on these versions.

In addition, Enterprise customers can purchase the 835 import utility so they can download the 835 from the eCentral Insurance Manager and import that into Dentrix Enterprise --

Can practices on Dentrix Ascend register for eEOBs?

Not at this time.

What are the steps to register for eEOBs?

For practices that do not have eClaims or Insurance Manger, they should contact a member of the Henry Schein One Sales team at 800.734.5561. For practices with eClaims, they should follow the instructions below depending on practice management solution.

  • Dentrix G5 and higher customers:
    Open up the Dentrix Ledger and click on the eEOB button. This will open up the batch insurance payment window where the practice will see a window, “Register for Electronic eEOBs”. Once the practice clicks on this button, it will open up the eEOB section on the Dentrix website – Click on the Register Now button. After clicking on this button, the practice will need to fill out some additional information like Customer ID, account name, phone number, address, city, state, zip code, and email address. They will also need to select the version of software they are using.
  • Dentrix Enterprise customers:
    Go to the Dentrix Enterprise website -- Click on the Register Now button. After clicking on this button, the practice will need to fill out some additional information like Customer ID, account name, phone number, address, city, state, zip code, and email address. Note: Enterprise practices also need to purchase the 835 Remittance Import Utility through their Customer Success Team member.
  • G4 and lower Dentrix customers, Specialty, and Easy Dental customers:
    Go to our Enterprise site -- Click on the Register Now button. After clicking on this button, the practice will need to fill out some additional information like Customer ID, account name, phone number, address, city, state, zip code, and email address.

Once the practice submits their registration, they will receive a welcome letter which includes a username and password to a website managed by Henry Schein One and Change Healthcare (our third-party partner for eEOBs) within 24 to 48 business hours after submission.

Once the practice logs into their account on the website, they will be able to register for eEOBs with any insurance carrier they submit claims to and who are presently participating in electronic explanation of benefits as listed on the website.

After the practice submits their requests to receive eEOBs from each insurance carrier they selected from website, they will receive a response either approving or denying their request. Once an insurance carrier approves the practice’s request for eEOBs, they will start to get electronic remittance advice. This process may take up to 30 business days.

Does a practice need to send their claims electronically through Henry Schein One and eClaims?

Yes. In order for Henry Schein One to be able to deliver a practice’s eEOBs from the payer to their office, they will need to match their claim to an electronic claim in the Henry Schein One system.

What is the downside of not using eEOBs?
  • Manual entry into the ledger
  • Potential errors that affect the bottom line
  • Huge waste of paper and time

Without eEOBs, practices can be overwhelmed with paper and will need to constantly check the ledger to make sure all the numbers are accurate. Time and efficiency are being wasted. With eEOBs, eClaims handles all the back-end work. From start to finish, a claim is electronically transmitted and the payer response is accounted for. The practice can then confidently bill the patient for the remaining balance.

Are eEOBs delivered in real-time?

No. eEOBs are delivered to customers in a manner similar to the carrier response reports from eClaims, which are delivered each day from the specific carrier.

Does an eEOB deposit funds into a practice bank account?

No. Fund depositing is known as Electronic Funds Transfer or EFT.

Does Henry Schein One have an EFT service?

No. Henry Schein One does not provide an EFT service. However, if the practice has an EFT connection with the payer, we will receive a Trace Route Number (TRN) on the 835 that the office can use to reconcile deposits into their bank. If a practice is interested in EFT payments, they can:

  1. Contact the payers directly to see what their setup requirements are
  2. Work with a third-party EFT
  3. Register for an EFT account with Change Healthcare. If a practice has an eEOB account with Henry Schein One, they can activate this service on the Dental Connect site or contact them directly for a standalone account 866.777.0713.
Can a practice receive eEOBs for dental and medical claims?

No, the Henry Schein One eEOB service is for dental claims only.

Who is Change Healthcare (formerly Emdeon)?

Change Healthcare is a third-party clearinghouse partner of Henry Schein One. They work directly with Henry Schein One to facilitate the transmission of eEOB and insurance claims on behalf of Henry Schein One.

If a practice was with Change Healthcare for eEOBs, is there anything they will need to do besides completing the registration form for Henry Schein One’s eEOBs?

Yes. If a practice has a Dental Connect site with Change Healthcare, they should contact the Henry Schein One eServices Enrollment team at 800.734.5561, Option 4 and ask for an eEOB Transfer Form to be sent to them. They may also send an email to and request the same information. This will allow for the practice’s current eEOB account and payer connections to be transferred to their new Henry Schein One eEOB account.


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