Frequently Asked Questions

What are the software and versioning requirements surrounding eEOB?

Dentrix G5 customers can receive eEOB directly within the G5 program via the Ledger and the Enter Batch Insurance Payment Entry menu item. G5 customers must be enrolled for Dentrix eClaims in order to participate. It is recommended that you install Dentrix G5 Productivity Pack 1 for the latest features and functionality. The latest version of eSync must also be installed on the Practice’s database server.

How do I register my practice to receive eEOB?
  1. Register with Henry Schein Practice Solutions at
    Click the Register Now button to open the registration form.
  2. Register with each insurance carrier from which you would like to receive eEOB. Please refer to question below.
How do I register to receive eEOB from each specific carrier?

Before you can start receiving eEOBs from insurance companies, you must register to use the electronic Explanation of Benefits service. You must then go through Emdeon, the clearing house for Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA),to enroll with each insurance company you want to receive eEOBs from. Follow the steps below to register.

  1. Once you have completed the registration process with Henry Schein, we will verify that your practice meets all the prerequisites. If you do, you will receive an email message with a link, a user name, and a password to use when you register with each insurance company.
  2. Follow the link in the email or visit Log in with the user name and password that was emailed to you.
  3. Click the ERA Enrollment link (Figure 3). On the page that appears, click the Tax ID drop‐down list and select your Tax ID from the list.
  4. Download the enrollment forms for each insurance company you want to receive eEOB from. Complete the forms and return them to each insurance company. Once the insurance company enrolls your practice in Electronic Remittance Advice, they will notify Henry Schein and you will start receiving eEOB.
How can I determine if my practice is enrolled to receive eEOB?

Upon completion of registration, your practice will receive an email outlining the next steps. Please complete the registration process only once. After you’ve completed the registration process,the Register for Electronic EOBs button at the top of the Batch Insurance Payment Entry dialog box will remain active until your practice receives its first eEOB into Dentrix. The presence of this button is not an indication that your registration was not received. If you have questions, contact our Enrollment team at 800.734.5561, option 4.

How is an eEOB different than an ERA?

The only difference is that eEOB is the Henry Schein branded name for an ERA. ERA is also a commonly used industry term.

Are eEOB delivered in real‐time?

No. eEOB are delivered to customers in a manner similar to the carrier response reports from eClaims, which are delivered each day from the specific carrier

How can I tell if a carrier participates in eEOB?

Participating Payors will be listed in the Payor Search Tool. A “ ” will be in the eEOB column. New payors join regularly, so check the Payor Search Tool frequently. You can also sign up to receive payor updates from our blog.

Are eEOB and eClaims special enrollment the same?

No. eClaims carrier special enrollment and eEOB carrier enrollment are independent of one another. Customers must complete a separate carrier enrollment form to receive eEOB from each specific carrier.

Where can I go for information on eEOB enrollment forms for specific carriers?

For information regarding carrier enrollment forms, please visit: If you have additional questions, contact our Enrollment Team at 800.734.5561, option 4.

Refer to the eEOB Getting Started Guide for details on viewing and posting eEOBs. If you have additional questions, contact our Support Team at 800.734.5561, option 1.

Who is Emdeon?

Emdeon is the clearinghouse partner for Henry Schein Practice Solutions. They work directly with our organization to facilitate the transmission of eEOB and insurance claims.

If I change my TIN (Tax ID Number) am I required to re‐enroll with each carrier for eEOB?

Yes. You will need to enroll for eEOB’s under the new TIN.

How do I receive my login credentials to begin special carrier enrollment?

Once you complete eEOB registration with Henry Schein Practice Solutions, you will need to send an electronic claim to initiate the welcome letter with login credentials.

Can I change my user name and password for special carrier enrollment?

Unfortunately, user names cannot be changed and passwords cannot be customized. If you need a password reset, please contact our Enrollment team at 800.734.5561, option 4.

How will I know when I have been approved for eEOB’s by a specific carrier?

Refer to the special carrier enrollment page for status. Carrier approval can take up to 21 business days depending on the carrier.

Does eEOB deposit funds into my bank account (EFT)?

No. eEOB provides patient benefits from the carrier, electronically instead of on paper. However, you can request EFT directly from the carrier.

How do I know if I have received an eEOB?

You will receive a pop up notification from eSync. If you miss the notification, click on the EOB button from the Dentrix Ledger and check the number below the Batch Entry Type under “Electronic EOB”

Why can I view my eEOB on the Emdeon site, but I cannot view it in Dentrix?

Generally it takes 24 hours for an eEOB to populate in Dentrix after it appears on the Emdedon site. If the eEOB does not appear in Dentrix, please contact support at 800.734.5561.

Can I still post my eEOB even though I haven’t received payment from the insurance company?

An EOB is only an anticipation of payment, not the actual receipt of a payment. Therefore, we recommend not posting an EOB until after you have received the payment.

Can I post the eEOB if a status of “Not Found” appears?

“Not Found” means that Dentrix cannot match the eEOB information to a claim in Dentrix based on certain matching criteria. Before you post the eEOB, manually locate the claim using the Find Claim button in the Batch Insurance Payment window.

Can I change the payment posting type to check instead of electronic?

Dentrix is unable to verify payment type. It will always post the payment as electronic. To change the payment type manually, double click on the payment from the ledger and change it to check.

How do I get a carrier to participate in Dentrix eEOB?

Visit our Payor Search Tool, scroll to the bottom, click on the ‘Request a Payor’ section and enter the information on the carrier you wish to add. Our Payor Implementations Team will contact the carrier to determine if a connection can be obtained. Participation is at carrier discretion. We cannot guarantee participation.


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